Come Home to Play

The Spot

This ad is set in a fantasy land where a bat and eagle teach their robot friend how to fly. The viewer is then transported to a family’s living room where two kids dressed up as a bat and eagle play with their father who is dressed up as a robot. The caption, “Come Home to Play” spreads across the screen as the ad comes to an end.

You can find the ad attached below.

The Challenge

Ikea’s vision is to go beyond home furnishing and create a better everyday for all people impacted by their business. To accomplish this vision, Ikea stresses the fact of being an open, playful, and innovative company to consumers. In this ad, the company focused on the creativity of children and showcases the importance of play during everyday lives at home.

THe Idea

To build onto the brand, Ikea features the fun and games between separate generations in a family. By doing this, they can connect to families who have children, expand their customer base, and implement their vision of creating a better everyday life for consumers. Ikea has a price positioning strategy with an emphasis on low, affordable prices. This will appeal to the individual who is willing to sacrifice time to put together products in exchange for the lower cost.

Execution of The Idea

When a consumer thinks of home, they think of family and safety. Most home furnishing stores feature a family within ads and just tell the consumer about specific promotions. Ikea takes a creative approach and attempts to convey the feeling of playfulness and being youthful to the audience. In addition to this, the advertisement aligns with their innovative products that they create to make the home a better place.

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What Works? Why?

Because of their creative approach, the ad is visually striking and will easily capture the audiences attention. Ikea is a well known brand with over 700 million visits to their stores worldwide. Most consumers recognize Ikea’s values of creating innovative, affordable furniture and this ad will reinforce the ideas.

Another positive aspect of the ad is how the children teach the dad “how to fly”. After a stressful day at work, it is beneficial for adults to relieve stress by playing with their kids. Once again, this element will appeal to a consumer with children.

What Doesn’t Work? Why?

Though the ad is very creative, they never show any products. A consumer who has never been introduced to the brand will not understand the purpose of the advertisement. The only speech is placed at the ending stating, “Ikea. The wonderful everyday”. To an outsider, this ad will not make any sense without previous knowledge of the brand.

The Grade: B+grade_b_plus-300x205

Overall, I’d give this ad a B+. The brand had wonderful creative ideas and successfully conveyed the feeling of openness and being playful to the consumer. These feelings align with the brand values- specifically their innovative and cost effective furniture.

The visuals were striking and eye catching, but to a new Ikea customer this ad would not make any sense. They failed to have some sort of call to action at the end. It would be more beneficial to include a website address, social media, and where to find them.