The Art of Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads. Just the thought of them can put you into a state of annoyance. They can easily be seen as disruptive or intrusive, but if used correctly they can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to a website or bring positive awareness to a brand.

Below is an example of a Youtube pre-roll ad that not only captures the viewers attention, but gives consumers something of value.

Instead of trying to fit as much information as possible into 30 seconds, this company uses an effective creative approach. Below are some benefits of pre-roll ads.


As soon as a “skip ad” button pops up, 94% of viewers will press it. This is why it’s crucial to capture their attention within the first 5 seconds. Advertisers are tasked with creating something of value where each second counts. Your video ad must be memorable and be able to stand out from the crowd. The ultimate goal is to have a conversion- whether it be website traffic, a like on a page, or a sale.

Niche Marketing

When launching a campaign on Youtube, you have the power to reach just the right customer for your business. This is why it’s important to understand your target audience from their demographics, psychographics, purchase behaviours, and geographic profile. Another benefit of Youtube pre-roll ads is if the video is not watched till the end, you do not have to pay for the spot.


Finally, pre-roll ads are measurable. By using a video platform, you can see exactly where viewers exited out of the video or if they watched until the end. From this information, you can identify what campaigns were successful/unsuccessful.

Sure, they may be considered disruptive- but with the right message, the right people, and the right element of creativity you can easily connect with viewers.