DecoCrate Content Marketing Plan


With the change of every season, people want to update their decor to match the tone, feel, and style. Why not have a fresh start to each season with hand-picked items for all occasions? DecoCrate is a subscription box that delivers hand-picked decor and lifestyle items to subscribers doorsteps each month. This service is for people who love to decorate their spaces and explore new items at a discounted price. Pricing is flexible and individuals can choose from recurring subscriptions: 1, 6, or 12 months at a time. If people are looking for a gift, they can also purchase a subscription for loved ones and friends.

With the launch of this new decor/lifestyle subscription box, DecoCrate is faced with raising awareness within the target market and building up a database of customers that will be loyal to the brand for years to come. Creating valuable pieces of content that is also shareable for customers is our key to success. By providing accessible pieces of content for our audience, our brand can funnel individuals through the customer journey to eventually make a purchase. Our main sources of content include video, email newsletters, and blog posts.

personalization is key.jpgTop Strategic Objectives

  • DecoCrate will build a strong community both internally within the company and externally with customers, stakeholders, and vendors
  • Show a 10% increase with comments on blogs within the first 2 months of launch period
  • Increase audience on social media by 30% within the first 6 months of launch period
  • Increase click-through rates from links on content to 15% within the 2 months of launch period

Content Marketing Approach

  • Weekly Blogs
  • Bi-Weekly Podcast
  • Daily Social Media graphics (linked to blog posts, content, and website)
  • Bi-Weekly Videos
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletters

DecoCrate Banner Ad.jpg

Target Audience

Our target audience will include females aged 21-45 who have an interest in art, aesthetics, decor, style and spending time with family. These individuals have completed post-secondary and value freedom of choice, hard work, and being self-motivated. Their favourite social media channels are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. They are spectators on social media and enjoy gathering different ideas, tips and tricks to organize their home, and reading home decor blogs. They have influencers such as friends and family, home magazines, social media accounts, and blogs ranging from motherhood to DIY projects and culinary arts.


In order to appeal to the target audience, DecoCrate will feature 5 quick tips on how to brighten your home. These videos will mostly target joiners and spectators which includes potential customers, brand advocates, current customers, and anybody who has an interest in decorating. The emotional appeal of these videos will be personable, friendly, open, and helpful to consumers. The videos will range from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds with a style much like Buzzfeed – featuring interviews, helpful tips, and close up shots with accompanying text.


Newsletters will target joiners, collectors, and spectators and is only accessible by signing up for our email list. These targets will include brand advocates who want an inside look at upcoming products, current customers, and people who have an interest in decorating. The tone of these newsletters will be informative, helpful, and friendly. The style of these newsletters will usually have a main promotion image/newsletter theme at the top, and supporting links to articles by the bottom. This newsletter features how to decorate with copper as well as exclusive articles and videos only available to subscribers.

Full newsletter can be viewed here.Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.10.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.10.55 PM

Blog Post

Our blogs will target mostly spectators that do not actively participate with content but enjoy taking in information. The featured article will be the top 10 essential decorating tips to personalize your space. The tips are easy to follow and will showcase how others use the technique.

blog - Decorating tips.png

Final Thoughts

In the end, I found this project to be very enjoyable. With the past 2 years focusing on promotional material, it was challenging to come up with a different way to attract our audience. It was easy to come up with various topics, but we always had to remember what stage of the buying journey the customer was in and tailor the content to it. Providing content of value instead of pushing promotions is a great way to build strong relationships and have an audience for years to come.



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