St. Lawrence College Convocation: Behind the Scenes

It’s officially been two weeks since I’ve left my role at St. Lawrence College to start placement with Queen’s Law. Through this week I’ve been reflecting on my time within the Registrar’s Office and what an amazing experience it’s been. Below are some key takeaways, challenges, and some of my favourite moments planning our Tri-Campus Convocation.

Kingston Convocation at the Roger's K-Rock Centre

Kingston Convocation at the Roger’s K-Rock Centre.

Expect the Unexpected

During the planning phase, each day was different from the next. One day we would be organizing volunteers, the next we would be trying to ship a podium to Brockville and have a microphone installed. Things will be thrown at you that are out of your realm and your problem-solving skills will be put to the test.

Through this experience, I’ve learned how to be adaptable and flexible. Nothing is ever set in stone, no matter how much we try and plan.

St. Lawrence Convocation at Centennial Road Church in Brockville

Honoring our Golden Grads for St. Lawrence College’s 50th anniversary. Brockville Convocation.

Organization is Key

Managing 8 separate ceremonies in 3 cities with was tricky. With multiple deadlines floating around, it was crucial to have organizational processes in place to keep the team on track. Turning the front of our office into a visual timeline was one of them!

In addition to planning documents, we compiled all of our deadlines on a huge classroom whiteboard at the front of the room. That way, our team could see upcoming deadlines and ensure we were all on the same page.

IMC Shoutout

A shoutout from Advertising & Marketing Communications faculty!

Trust Your Team

After months of planning, the first event date finally appears. Your palms sweat and multiple questions run through your mind… Did I reserve the right amount of special seating? Are all the speeches in place on the podium? Are our volunteers happy with their positions? 

Sometimes it’s a great idea to take a deep breath, realize that our team put everything in place, and trust that the event will be carried out no matter what. Our planning team is composed of about 7 individuals and all of them are dedicated to student success.

Brockville Convocation Entrance

Brockville Convocation Entrance

Students First

At the end of the day, the event celebrates student success, their hard work, and determination. Our team worked diligently to welcome graduates to the next chapter of their lives. Hearing families cheer when students crossed the stage, seeing photos being taken, and realizing all of our graduates were having a wonderful time was worth it all.